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Explore an XP computer using windows graphics made to look like the Google Chrome browser

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Chrome XP V4
Chrome XP 2014

Chrome XP is best described as a theme designed for machines running Windows XP. While Windows XP is obsolete, millions of computers still run the old OS today. Without a doubt, XP looks outdated and runs poorly compared to today's PCs. The goal with Chrome XP is to refresh the overall user interface in every way possible. Users will notice right away Chrome XP is inspired by the Google Chrome Browser, and that's not necessarily a bad thing here. Is the program worth downloading, though?

Sticking The Best Elements of Chrome Into Windows XP

Nothing about Windows XP is attractive compared to Windows 7, 8, and 10. In fact, even Windows Vista looks like a beauty compared to XP. Chrome has long been considered a design champion due to its fluidity and simplicity. A crafty developer has now released this theme which drags some of the best elements from Chrome into Windows. For better or worse, the theme is only available for Windows XP, so most people won't need this.

Upon installation, Chrome XP will make subtle changes to the entire Windows interface. Windows Explorer gains an attractive coat of paint that makes it more pleasant to use. The same applies to other menus in the operating system, and even the Start Menu receives a couple of enhancements. By making everything look a little nicer, this particular theme succeeds in refreshing Windows XP to some degree.

Not A Perfect Solution For Such An Old Windows Version

Then again, Chrome XP isn't going to fool anyone into thinking their Windows XP machine is brand new. Nothing in this theme improves the actual performance of the operating system. Minor aesthetic changes won't fool the average person into believing they're using anything but a better looking Windows XP. Sure, the theme is designed to make visual changes and nothing more, but a theme isn't a good replacement for a new OS. Users should have upgraded to Windows 7 or above at this point in time already.

Should you download Chrome XP for Windows XP?

In the end, you'll want to download Chrome XP if you're stuck using Windows XP for one reason or another. A fresh coat of paint still makes the experience more pleasurable, and the theme doesn't bog down hardware resources. You'll want to upgrade Windows if possible, but Chrome XP is an OK alternative to those stuck with XP. Either way, Chrome XP is one of the better themes for XP, but that's not saying too much. Themes are nice modifications, so Chrome XP is a recommendation for users.


  • Refreshes various elements of Windows XP to make them more useable.
  • Despite adding onto Windows, Chrome XP doesn't hurt performance or smoothness.
  • It's a quick and simple download/install on all machines.


  • It's a Windows XP theme at its core and nothing else.
  • Certain elements remain unchanged due to limitations.
  • Windows XP won't actually run better with this theme installed.

It seems that Internet users are fiercely loyal when it comes to their browsers, and Chrome followers are no exception. When Google released the latest installment of Chrome-XP, fans geared up to be the first to try out its promised new features and add-ons. The browser's new version includes intuitive new features that help it retain its loyal following among users.

When it comes to speed, functionality and design, Chrome is king. The browser is known for its lightning fast download and upload times, and is a favorite among multi-taskers. Competitors like Firefox, Safari and Opera, however, are catching up and surpassing Chrome when it comes to features like privacy settings--a subject that critics charge that Chrome is lacking. Data collection is a major issue for Chrome users. The biggest feature that Chrome sells its users--the ability to anticipate searchers--is also it's biggest drawback. Other browsers like Internet Explorer offer stronger privacy features and less tracking.

While the latest version of Chrome addresses some of these privacy issues, it also takes away some of the more sought after options that users love. The new version of Chrome eliminates the ability to re-open closed tabs and choose new tab pages. The ability to search directly from the browser window is still present and is one of Chrome users' favorite features.

One of the newest innovations for Chrome XP has been the audio notification feature. This small icon of a speaker will appear at the top of your tab, alerting you to the tab that is currently playing audio files. This is great for when you have a tab open and the site starts an autoplay video. It also helps if you are blaring music and want to close the browser to take a phone call, for example.

Another of the new rollouts is the ability to view thumbnails of your most recently visited sites. While this certainly makes navigation simpler, it is a major ding when it comes to privacy issues. Even clearing the cache is sometimes not enough to get rid of these icons which share your browsing history with anyone who happens to sit down at your screen.


-Better search capability and navigation convenience

-Dropdown grid to open mail, YouTube and Google+

-Voice enabled search


-Thumbnail of recently visited sites a major privacy concern

-Reduced capability for private browsing

-No longer able to open closed tabs

One of the bigger features of Chrome XP is the built in PDF reader with Adobe Flash built in. No longer do you have to restart your computer and manually install updates, the application makes the necessary changes each time you open the browser. Chrome has been the leader in minimalist design and interface, and now IE and Firefox have followed suit, paring their applications down to just a few user-friendly menus.

Chrome XP holds its top spot with intuitive features, lightning fast speed and increased functionality. Users will love its new tab options, upgraded built-in plug ins and ease of use.

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